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The B is back!

Posted: December 8, 2013 in Kids
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One of the worst words a hockey mom can ever hear.  I have heard it twice now.  With the same kid.  3 weeks ago B took a hit and basically gave himself whiplash and a concussion.  Off to urgent care we went…then to the hospital.  Concussion.  Headaches.  Dizzy.  No appetite.  Scary times.

3 weeks later, B is back.  Played a great game today.  Relief on all of our faces.  B also suffers from Tourette Syndrome and the concussion brought on a new tic that he was a little worried about.  But he did great.  Threw some hits, took a few too.  Had a few shots on goal and all in all he looked like he never missed a day.

Parents – give your players some extra time to rest after an injury.  Don’t rush the return.  Yes, we love the game and do not want them to miss a minute.  But their health is more important than anything else.

Make sure you have the best possible helmet available.  I have seen a lot of parents spend $300-$400 on a pair of skates and then skimp on the helmet.  The helmet should always be top of the line.  The head deserves the best protection.

B’s new helmet is the Reebok 11k.  This helmet adjusts 360 degrees to fit every head perfectly.  Highly recommend.

Be safe.